CODE BLUE is the Seton Hall University website devoted to emergency preparedness.  It was developed to increase the University community’s awareness of possible hazards, provide the community with knowledge of emergency procedures,  and to encourage students, faculty, and staff to take action to protect themselves and the people around them  when confronted by a hazard.  These three themes:  BE AWARE, BE PREPARED, and TAKE ACTION are the core concepts of CODE BLUE.

CODE BLUE features interactive training modules covering these concepts as well as an educational game, information regarding SHU safety related programs, and links to sources of additional information.  Please take advantage of the various features of CODE BLUE!

The development of Code Blue was funded through an Emergency Management for Higher Education Grant awarded to Seton Hall University by the U.S. Department of Education.  It represents a joint effort of the SHU Division of Student Affairs, Department of Public Safety and Security, and the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC).