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Run, Hide, Fight!

Run, Hide, Fight from Seton Hall University on Vimeo.

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Since the events at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, the response to the threat of an active shooter has become a critical emergency preparedness issue.  Members of the University community should be aware of the threat and be familiar with procedures that can help them survive an active shooter event. You may be alerted to the […] . . . → Read More: RESPONSE TO ACTIVE SHOOTERS


Winter weather has arrived! It is a good time to think about hazards that may confront us during the winter season.  Severe winter weather such as heavy snow, blizzards, and ice storms can pose multiple hazards including, high winds, decreased visibility, dangerously low temperatures, road and sidewalk icing, and blocked roads.  Driving, walking, and other […] . . . → Read More: SEVERE WINTER WEATHER

“At Risk” Online Tutorial

“At Risk” is a new practice simulation to help you become comfortable identifying, assisting, and referring to our counseling center students in psychological distress. This course will assist you in learning and/or reviewing basic strategies for identifying, approaching, and referring students who experience mental distress, and becoming better prepared to act if you notice a student […] . . . → Read More: “At Risk” Online Tutorial


The impact of Hurricane Sandy on members of the SHU community and their families varied widely depending on location and circumstances.  However, the experience of Sandy has reaffirmed to all  the importance of individual and family emergency preparedness: Be prepared to shelter-in-place or to evacuate (both at home and at your workplace).  Have a disaster supply […] . . . → Read More: FAMILY DISASTER PREPAREDNESS


The PirateAlert Emergency Notification System is Seton Hall University’s primary means of informing our community of hazards and providing emergency instructions.  It is also used to notify you of weather related University closings and delayed openings. Seton Hall contracts with RAVE Mobile Safety to provide the PirateAlert System.  This system is easy for you to […] . . . → Read More: PirateAlert!


Terrorist groups often initiate attacks during the anniversaries of significant events.  This month is the anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Though no information has been announced that a strike within the United States is imminent, the potential for terrorism remains.  To help improve our ability to detect possible terrorist threats against our communities, CODE BLUE would like […] . . . → Read More: TERRORISM INDICATORS


The University campus and neighboring areas are not immune to crime.  Property crime is the most common, but serious crimes against persons do occur.  Individuals can take steps to reduce their vulnerability:  Maintain situational awareness Pay attention to the behavior and actions of people and the circumstances around you. Be alert for danger signals (for […] . . . → Read More: CRIME PREVENTION AND PERSONAL SAFETY TIPS

Welcome to Code Blue

CODE BLUE is the Seton Hall University website devoted to emergency preparedness.  It was developed to increase the University community’s awareness of possible hazards, provide the community with knowledge of emergency procedures,  and to encourage students, faculty, and staff to take action to protect themselves and the people around them  when confronted by a hazard.  […] . . . → Read More: Welcome to Code Blue