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Ultimate Frisbee Club

In brief, the purpose of our club is to bring students together through an athletic game/sport which is easy to play and available to all. Ultimate Frisbee is a growing sport among the nation, and the majority of all schools have clubs/teams. This club has the goal of attending tournaments around various Universities; which will spread the name of Seton Hall University across the nation. It is also a gathering place for people to meet, and join a new family.

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  1. Steve Bristowe


    I’m a local TD from South Jersey. I was just wondering if you guys were looking for any tournaments to play in? I am hosting a tournament at the end of September and wanted to see if you guys would be interested in coming. Here’s the info, let me know what you think.


    Teams so far as of 8/23/12

    Vineland (DangerZone)
    Team Jackasses/Mittenz shouldn’t go to the wedding
    Stockton College
    Rider University
    Stony Brook
    Rowan University

    This tournament will be sponsored by flashflight.com


    It will be a 6/1 or 5-2 ratio (Offense dictates) tournament open to all teams from all over. There will be 2 days of play with a minimum of 7 games with a max of 9 We’re looking at hosting 14-16 teams. Food will be provided with cost of registration fee. Food includes, Fruit, Water, Snacks, PB&J (Saturday), Pizza (Sunday). First place gets first choice on some really sweet prizes and second gets well whatever is left haha.

    When: September 29-30, 2012 10am-5ish Saturday and Sunday

    Where: Green Branch Park, Pittsgrove (Upper Dearfield), NJ

    Cost: $200 per team

    Deposit: $75 (Due by 9-24-2012)

    Deposits can be send directly to my PayPal account (send to email address “vinelandultimate@gmail.com”) Once You’ve paid the deposit online you can bring the rest of the payment the day of the tournament. If you write a check make it out to “Steve Bristowe” note Vineland Ultimate Tournament

    Housing: Sorry but housing will not be provided but there are 2 pretty sweet options…There are 2 hotels (Ramada Inn & Days Inn) only 10mins that recieve the 20% discount with USA Ultimate that are available for your use (reservations need to be made online and with the discount code which i have) and there is also Parvins State Park where you can camp ($20 a night) which is about 5mins away from the fields.

    RSVP: Steve “Commish” Bristowe (This guy) If you would like to put in a bid for your team or any other teams that would like to attend and i’ll send you an e-mail confirming. Contact me via e-mail (vinelandultimate@gmail.com)

    Park website: http://www.pittsgrovetownship.com/GreeenBranchPark.htm

    Hope to see everyone out there

    Steve “Commish” Bristowe
    Vineland Ultimate

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