Aug 01

UDSA – Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association

The Undergraduate Diplomacy Student Association, known as UDSA, is designed to serve undergraduate diplomacy majors and minors. Our goals are to provide support to these students by responding to their needs, including but not limited to providing an open forum for students to voice their opinions, ideas and needs, supplementing curriculum through programming, and reaching out to Whitehead faculty and administration on behalf of members.

Programming includes but is not limited to the following: meetings, informational panels, educational trips, guest speakers, and other social events to meet the interests of the students and the goals of the organization. In addition, we commit ourselves to working with the SGA Diplomacy Senators, the Graduate Diplomacy Council, Seton Hall United Nations Association, Sigma Iota Rho, The Whitehead Envoy and other student organizations as necessary to fulfill these goals and serve our fellow students.

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