Aug 01

Slavic Club

The SHU Slavic Club, originated by Prof. Anna Kuchta in 1990, as a social and cultural organization, currently with over 376 members, endeavors to introduce the Seton Hall University community to different Slavic cultures. Through Slavic music, art, trips to different Slavic events, museums, lectures and cuisines, Slavic Club tries to bridge cultural and ethnic divides in order to build coalition and harmony in our community.

Diversity and tolerance are two crucial elements of a healthy and functioning community, two elements that the Slavic Club dedicates itself to promoting on the Seton Hall campus.

Furthermore, the Slavic Club is important because it draws students into the Russian and East European Studies Program here at SHU. By taking a challenging Slavic language, culture, or history course, the students are not only bettering themselves (by giving themselves a unique addition to their resume), but they also raise the standards of the entire university. Everyone is welcome to join us!

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  1. Chauncy Bennett


    My name is Chauncy Bennett. I’m the Group Audience Coordinator here at “The Steve Wilkos Show”. I would love to invite you and your group to come and be a part of our live studio audience here in Stamford, CT. This trip is completely FREE!!!!! We provide lunch or dinner and round-trip transportation for any group of 25 people or more. We have cool giveaways for any group that stays for two shows. Come join us for a day of excitement and fun. Remember that it’s never too early to reserve a tape date for you group. For information on show dates and times please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    P.S. Tuesday is our combo day. See Jerry Springer and The Steve Wilkos Show on the same day. If you’re interested in seeing both shows please contact me.

    Mrs. Chauncy Bennett
    Stamford Media Center & Productions LLC.
    Production Coordinator
    203-564-8476 phone

  2. Stephanie

    Hello Slavic Club,

    My name is Stephanie and I am the NY/NJ regional representative for the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. I thought I would leave a comment under your group to see if anyone is interested in starting up an OCF chapter at Seton Hall. If you are, please do not hesitate to email me at sabnynj@ocf.net . I would be glad to help in any way!


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