Aug 01

SHUFL – Seton Hall United for Life

The members of SHUFL shall strive to educate the community about issues affecting the sanctity of life, and to galvanize an increased respect for all human life. Not only will we attempt to raise awareness about issues destroying life (i.e. abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, genocide, poverty, etc), but also of those threatening life (the diminishing value of the family, the falsification of the true dignity of women, the consumeristic societal-born ideology regarding life being a commodity instead of a precious gift, etc).

We will develop opportunities for students to become involved in the promotion of the culture of life through Catholic social teaching. Also we will: encourage student participation in sponsored events for the Seton Hall community; provide service to those seeking support, answers, and the Truth; support Seton Hall University’s Catholic Mission and outreach; and provide a forum for discussion, questioning, and communication.

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