Aug 01

Political Science Student Association

The Political Science Department consists not only of the faculty facilitating our classes, but also us, the students. This organization will allow us to maximize our experience as students of political science at Seton Hall.

It will first, give us a voice within the department; but more importantly, it will also act as a vehicle driving campus wide involvement and foster a sense of community among likeminded students with similar goals. This will in turn provide us with the opportunity to set up programs and events catering to our needs and interests as Political Science students.

In creating this organization, we seek to achieve three main goals. First, we seek to take ownership of our department and our education by engaging ourselves in programs and events that build upon the concepts we discuss in the classroom. Second, we seek to tune the University community in to the critical political dialogue that governs and dictates many aspects of our daily lives by developing programs that will raise awareness about key issues, elections or legislation. And finally, we seek to explore the post-graduate opportunities afforded to our field by reaching out to our alumni and industry professionals and tapping from their professional experiences.

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