Aug 01

PIPE – Pirates of Irish Persuasion and Extraction

The purpose of Pirates of Irish Persuasion & Extraction (PIPE) is to provide a venue through which all Seton Hall University students interested in the Irish experience may explore, via participation in social, educational, and charitable activities, Irish and Irish-American traditions and culture.

This organization is intended to aid members, whether of Irish or other extraction, in attaining a deeper understanding of their own cultural ideas and practices. Through heightening self-awareness, students will be equipped to effect changes for the better in the world, and will make a step toward effecting these changes through participation in the club’s charitable activities. Armed with insights gained through participation in the club, students will be empowered to forge bonds and build bridges among cultures, manifesting Seton Hall’s vision of fashioning her students as servant leaders in a global society.

The Irish are one of many ethnic groups who have contributed to the development of the United States in which we live. Even among Irish people, however, cultural experiences vary. Pirates of Irish Persuasion & Extraction fosters an appreciation of the countless shades of green that have shaped our environment. Whereas the Irish have had a profound impact on life at Seton Hall, on the American experience, on the Catholic Church, and on Western Civilization as a whole, it is vital to examine the traditions and beliefs of this people. Understanding the values that give form to our worldview will help us to be well-rounded individuals.

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  1. Travis

    I am interested in becoming a member. Could you please provide information? Thank you.

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