Aug 01

Kraut und Lederhosen

Kraut und Lederhosen is dedicated to represent German culture. Our goal is to improve student’s perception of Germany while informing them of modern day issues in an entertaining way. Meetings and events consist of tutoring, movies, dancing, presentations and much more to address Germany and its people.

It is also important to us to foster a closer relationship to the USA. We believe that the diversification of the Seton Hall campus is very important, which is why we stress to spread our love for the country and welcome not only German students but also anyone who might be interested in broadening their cultural perspectives.

Kraut und Lederhosen is glad to give Seton Hall a glimpse of what it’s like to be German or even live in Germany. Willkommen in Deutschland!

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  1. Travis

    I am interested in becoming a member. Could you please provide information? Thank you.

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