Aug 01

EOPSO – Educational Opporutunity Program Students Organization

EOPSO is a student group that represents the Educational Opportunity Program. Our focus is to serve the EOP community as well as the entire Seton Hall student body and community through public service, informational programs and other school related events on campus. Although we are best known for our Annual Fashion Show, this year EOPSO will be a more active organization on Seton Hall’s Campus.

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  1. Scott Davis

    Hi. My name is Scott Davis. I serve as Program Director for the Greater Life Community Outreach Center- 272 Chancellor ave in Newark (across from Weequahic High). I am looking for some people who LOVE kids. We have a Saturday academic enrichment program and I am looking for some volunteers to help mentor/tutor youth who come every Saturday. In addition, we are looking for some tutors for a homework club during the week. I would be happy to come to one of your meetings and share about these great opportunities. I look forward to your e-mails and/or phone calls at 973-923-2264 ext 3. God’s peace to you, scott

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