Jul 29


UDesign Inc. is a club where Seton Hall students get a chance to explore their creative side. Our club offers an opportunity for students to work on various projects ranging from logos, to flyers, to web design. This is a club where students learn various techniques in graphic design as well as how to interact with clients. We welcome all students who are interested in this field or who just need a place to release their creative energy.

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  1. Colleen Dallavalle

    Hi Sendly,
    For more information I would encourage you to reach out to the executive members of this organization. Below is the information for the President and VPs:
    President: Rachel Adriano (adrianra@shu.edu)
    Vice President: Nicholas Salvante (nicholas.salvante@student.shu.edu)
    Vice President of Marketing: Jackie Jaramillo (jaramija@shu.edu)
    Vice President of Client Relations: Stacey Craighead (stacey.craighead@student.shu.edu)

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions,
    Colleen Dallavalle
    Assistant Director for Leadership Development

  2. sendly

    when do you guys meet i would love to join!

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