Jul 29

Soldiers for Christ

Soldiers 4 Christ Step Team Ministry is not the traditional step, or drill team, but a ministry that uses the art form of step to spread the Word of God, the Bible. As our scripture states, Jesus Christ is our commanding officer, and with Him, we fight the continuous spiritual war against the enemy, Satan, enduring hardship, and ministering the gospel. Although our ministry is through step, we are also dedicated to reaching out to our peers through community service. We are open, and do not reject anyone, yet expect our beliefs and life practices to be respected by all. We do not step for the entertainment of our audience, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, we spread the Gospel to all who will listen, encouraging the downhearted and reaching out to the lost. In all that we do, we keep God first, and we always have fun.

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  1. Shanaelia Gayle

    Hi! I will be a freshman at SHU in the fall and I have a few questions about this step team. I am pleased with what I’ve read above and would like to know more. However, I have never stepped before. Must you have prior experience to join? Is there an audition? When are the rehearsal times? Please let me know! Thanks in advance :)

  2. The Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College

    As you may have heard, Step Afrika will be performing at the Theatre at Raritan Valley Community College on March 30, 2012. We wanted to let the members of Soldiers for Christ know that discounts are available for groups with as few as ten attendees! Additionally, Step Afrika will be hosting FREE workshops for novices and college step teams on March 31. I encourage you to call (908) 725-3420 if you are interested in the show or have more questions. You are also welcome to explore the RVCC Arts Website

    for pictures , videos, and ticket information.

  3. Scott Davis

    Hi. My name is Scott Davis. I serve as Program Director for the Greater Life Community Outreach Center- 272 Chancellor ave in Newark (across from Weequahic High). I appreciate the vision for Soldiers for Christ. We have a Saturday academic enrichment program and I am looking for some volunteers to help mentor/tutor youth who come every Saturday. Also, we have a Saturday Kidz Bible club and it would be great to have you come and minister through STEP. In addition, we are looking for some tutors for a homework club during the week. I look forward to your e-mails and/or phone calls at 973-923-2264 ext 3. God’s peace to you, scott

  4. Lealana Loiodice

    My name is Lealana Loiodice and I am a graduate student in the Museum Studies program. I would like to reach you regarding a project that I would like to explore with your group. Please email me . Thank you

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