Jul 29

SHU Film Society

The Film Society is a club where members can watch films and discuss them. Its purpose is to help viewers differentiate between “good films” and “fun films”, so that it may open their eyes to the remarkable and interesting universe of cinema while still providing enjoyment. It is dedicated towards expanding horizons through discussions focusing on a range of topics from human conditions to pop culture to recording technology. Some films are celebrated, some films are demonized; here is the place to figure out why and why possibly not.

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  1. Colleen Dallavalle

    Hi Angel,
    For more information about SHU Film Society, please contact Jared Daly (jared.daly@student.shu.edu).

    They will also have a table at the Involvement Fair on Sept 6th from 12-4pm on the University Green! Come out and check out all of the clubs/orgs at SHU!

  2. Angel

    more information please

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