Jul 29

SHU Dance Team

The Seton Hall University Dance Team will be celebrating its 7th year of existence during the 2010-2011 Academic Year. We are a group of young women and men who share a passion for dance and use that passion to give back to the community. We practice all various styles of dance (Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, Ballet, to name a few) Throughout the school year we participate in various events on campus as well as produce our annual Spring Recital. Giving back to the community is a big part of our organization. The Dance team fundraises over $6,000 annually to American Cancer Society by participating, performing, and raising money at the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk and Relay for Life. But most of all, we love to dance! We enjoy sharing our passion with others who feel the same.

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  1. Ashley Thomas

    Hi! I’m not 100% sure if I am attending Seton Hall in the fall but I am going to Pirate Preview Day on April 15th! I was also wondering who would I contact to get more information about the Dance Team and what is required!

    1. Colleen Dallavalle

      Hi Ashley,
      If you would like more information about SHU’s Dance Team, and/or would like to talk to current members, I would invite you to reach out to any of the members of the executive board. Here are some of their contacts:
      President: Serina Congionti (serina.congionti@student.shu.edu)
      Vice President: Samantha Lazewski (samantha.lazewski@student.shu.edu)
      Treasurer: Rebecca Lachapelle (rebecca.lachapelle@student.shu.edu)
      Secretary: Patricia Cedrone (patricia.cedrone@student.shu.edu)
      Fundraiser: Jilmary Toledo (jilmary.toledo@student.shu.edu)
      Social Chair: Stephanie Bonilla (stephanie.bonilla@student.shu.edu)
      Social Chair: Jacqueline O’Donnell (jacqueline.odonnell@student.shu.edu)
      Historian: Shelby Hall (shelby.hall@student.shu.edu)

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions! We look forward to seeing you at SHU in the Fall!
      -Colleen Dallavalle
      Assistant Director for Leadership Development

  2. tamara

    How competitive is it to make the team? What is required at auditions?

  3. Taylor

    I’m currently on my schools competitive dance team. I’m interested in dancing in college. So I was wondering what types of skills or technique is required within the tryouts.

  4. Shirielle

    I am interested to join the team. Who do I contact?

    1. Hi Shirielle,

      Please reach out to Serina Congionti who is the current President of the SHU Dance Team. Serina can be contacted at Serina.Congionti@student.shu.edu

      Take care

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