Jul 29

Gospel Choir

The Seton Hall University Gospel Choir was founded in 1972 under the name, “Jus Us” and consisted of only six members. Currently, the choir has expanded to over 60 registered members.

The SHU Gospel Choir organizes themed concerts every semester. They are open to members of the Seton Hall community as well as local residents of the South Orange area, free of admission. The SHU Gospel Choir has participated in a myriad of campus events, such as International Day, Freshman Preview, Black Solidarity Day and the Sesquincentennial Campaign Closing Event.

The SHU Gospel Choir also performs at off-campus locations including, but not limited to, different universities, local churches, and adult-day care centers.

The SHU Gospel Choir rehearsals are held on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm in Corrigan Hall room 75.

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  1. Nina Johnson

    My name is Nina. I’m the Vice-President of Activities for Voices of Praise Gospel Choir at Saint Peter’s College (soon to be University). I am sending this message to you all early so I am able to get into contact with you guys so we are able to fellowship together throughout the year. Voices of Praise and their e-board is praying, trusting, and believing that God has wonderful things in store for us and would love for you to part take of the blessings He has for us. Again I am just sending this message so I can get the appropriate contact information so we can enjoy the presence of the Lord together.

    God bless you guys hope to hear from you :-)
    Nina from VOP

  2. Scott Davis

    Hi. My name is Scott Davis. I serve as Program Director for the Greater Life Community Outreach Center- 272 Chancellor ave in Newark (across from Weequahic High). I am looking for some people who LOVE kids. We have a Saturday academic enrichment program and I am looking for some volunteers to help mentor/tutor youth who come every Saturday. In addition, we are looking for some tutors for a homework club during the week. I would be happy to come to one of your rehearsals and share about these great opportunities. I look forward to your e-mails and/or phone calls at 973-923-2264 ext 3. God’s peace to you, scott

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