Jul 29

Anthropology Club

The Anthropology Club is an organization dedicated to creating an environment where members will strive to understand ‘what it means to be human’, through a series of open-dialogue discussions, activities, and trips.

With an emphasis on cross-cultural communication and social behavior, members will gain a newfound respect and knowledge not only of the similarities that bind cultures (and individuals) together, but also the factors which make them unique and distinguishable from one another. In an increasingly multi-cultural world where cross-cultural dialogue has become the norm, a proper understanding of the similarities and differences between cultures, and between individuals, has become increasingly necessary not only to avoid conflict, but also to foster friendships and relationships.

The Anthropology Club hopes to provide members with an environment where members can strive for these goals, and gain a better understanding not only of themselves, but also, of the world around.

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  1. Travis

    I am interested in becoming a member. Could you please provide information? Thank you.

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