EdTPA Overview for Teacher Candidates

The New Jersey Department of Education updated the regulations for teacher preparation in 2014. A new requirement includes passing a performance assessment in the area where a candidate is seeking their initial license.

The department of education selected edTPA, created by SCALE (Standard [University] Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity) as the required performance assessment. The NJDOE site provides detailed information regarding the implementation and completion of edTPA at this link.

Some essential information regarding the tool includes:

The requirements and process for completing the edTPA will be incorporated into your culminating seminar course (EDST 4001, EDST 4500, EDST 6426). The theory, language, and practice associated with edTPA will appear throughout your education courses, providing the foundation for its full implementation in your clinical practice. We will utilize Chalk and Wire, an electronic data and assessment system, as the tool to collect your work across time and to prepare the final submission for edTPA.