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Applications For Clinical Placement

You need to apply for your clinical placement each semester. For each clinical experience or internship, applications are due the semester prior.

Application for Clinical Experiences

Clinical Practice applications are due ONE YEAR prior the semester being sought.

Application for Clinical Practice for Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students

Application for School Library Media Specialist Graduate Clinical Practice

Important Forms & Links

The following are links to key forms you will need throughout your clinical experiences and clinical practice.

CEHS Scholarship Information

Health & TB/Mantoux Forms

Fingerprinting Information

Praxis Information

Protecting God’s Children Workshop


Observation and Conference Report

Clinical Competency Inventory


Clinical Experience and Clinical Practice 1 candidates are evaluated using the Observation and Conference Report.

Clinical Practice 2 candidates are evaluated by their clinical supervisors using both the Observation and Conference Report and the Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI).


Clinical Experience/Clinical Practice 1 Timesheet

Clinical Practice 2 Timesheet.


The Clinical Placement Handbook has all of the forms, policies, and information you need for yourself, your cooperating teacher, or your clinical supervisor. We strongly recommend you read, print, and refer to the Handbook regularly:

Clinical Placement Handbook

Teacher Performance Assessment


Substitute Certification

Looking to Become a Substitute? Here Are Easy Steps to Get Certified

Substitute Certification Packet – Information on Substitute certification from NJ Department of Ed.

Fingerprinting & Criminal History Background Check

Fingerprinting Information

Looking to Become a Substitute? Here Are Easy Steps to Get Certified

Note: OCEAR is providing this information as a courtesy. It is possible for NJDOE to change the process and information. We may not be aware of these changes. For up to date information on the process, go directly to:


Applying for NJ Substitute Teacher certification is an easy step-by-step process.

  1. You need to choose a school district you want to work in. This is your sponsoring district. If you haven’t already, choose a district that is close to SHU, close to home, where you are placed, etc. You can find their contact information in the following link:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already completed a background check and fingerprinting as a SUBSTITUTE, you DO NOT need to complete steps 2 and 3 below. You need to TRANSFER your approval to your sponsoring district using this link If you completed the background check and fingerprinting previously as a VOLUNTEER, you DO need to complete these steps.

  1. Complete a background check, pay the necessary fees, and print out your IdentoGo Universal Fingerprint Form at:  
  2. You need to get fingerprinted, which can be scheduled and paid for at:

Note: You will need to use your IdentoGo New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form to complete the “Reason for Visit” section of the site. The Universal Fingerprint Form is provided to you after the completion of Step 2.

  1. Deliver the following to your county or district’s office:

(County Office information is available at this link

  • A completed Substitute Credential application (Can be found in Step #6 in link)
  • Oath of Allegiance form (Can be found in Step #6 in link)
  • A sealed copy of your official transcripts showing a completion of 60 credits
  • A copy of your current Mantoux (TB) test results
  • A $125 check made to “The Commissioner of Education”

The first two previous forms and requirements can be found in the link below under Step #6:

The expected costs of being certified:

  • $11.00 -> Background check (Step 2 above)
  • $67.45 -> Fingerprinting (Step 3 above)
  • $125.00 -> Check to Board of Education (Step 4 above)
  • $10-$15 -> Transcripts (Step 4 above)
    • Total: ~$215.00 

The expected wait time:

This may vary for you. The process may range from 2 weeks to 2 months and is dependent on the county or district being used. Be sure to follow up with your sponsoring district a few weeks after submission to see how the process is progressing.

*This is a quick overview of the application process for NJ Substitute Teacher Credentials. Should you have additional questions about the process please contact your sponsoring district, check the NJDOE website at or call NJDOE at (609) 376-3500.