Overview of Seton Hall’s College of Education & Human Services

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Services. Serving as a cooperating teacher for a teacher candidate makes you part of a rich tradition of teacher preparation at Seton Hall University. We would like to share with you our College mission statement, which reflects that legacy: The College of … Continue reading

Professional Dispositions and Program Expectations

By creating connections between developmentally structured course work and clinical experiences, we support the growth of teacher candidates’ professional dispositions as expressed in our vision statement. Each clinical experience or clinical practice deepens the teacher candidate’s competence, social consciousness and self-reflection. In addition, each course and clinical experience or practice … Continue reading

Professional Code of Conduct

Candidates enrolled in the teacher preparation programs in the College of Education and Human Services at Seton Hall University operate under the following Professional Code: Dependability: candidates are reliable, timely, and consistent in their presence and preparation for courses at the university as well as their field settings. Respect & … Continue reading

Our Teacher Candidates’ Majors

All teacher candidates must have a content major from the College of Arts and Science. Students are encouraged to complete core curriculum content majors in English, Math, Social Studies/History, World Languages or the Sciences. Elementary, Special Education, and Early Childhood (ESED): candidates that choose this major complete courses and field … Continue reading

Key Terminology

In November 2015, the NJ Department of Education (NJDOE) proposed changes to the language and terminology used in teacher/educator preparation programs throughout the state. In an effort to align with state language, the Educational Studies department at Seton Hall University adopted the following terms for our placements.   Pre-Clinical Intern: Is … Continue reading