Evaluation Forms for Clinical Experiences

Observation and Conference Report (O&C): This evaluation tool is used to assess pre-clinical interns in their first, second and third clinical experiences. It is also the evaluation instrument used by both clinical supervisors and cooperating teachers in Clinical Practice 1 and only by supervisors in Clinical Practice 2. Clinical supervisors use it for formal observations for all teacher candidates, including clinical interns, in-service teachers and pre-clinical interns. Cooperating teachers of pre-clinical interns and clinical interns may also use this tool during the student’s formal observation, for another observation during the placement, or as a cumulative assessment of the pre-clinical intern’s performance. This form is a sample of that report. The report is completed through our web-based evaluation system, Qualtrics. Secure links to that system are sent directly to cooperating teachers and clinical supervisors.

In summary, the O&C is used in clinical experiences 1, 2 and 3 and Clinical Practice 1 by both cooperating teachers and clinical supervisors. In clinical experiences, clinical supervisors and cooperating teachers evaluate the pre-clinical intern at least once using the O&C. In Clinical Practice 1, the cooperating teacher completes two O&C evaluations of the clinical intern and the clinical supervisor completes three O&C evaluations. In Clinical Practice 2, only the supervisor uses the O&C to complete five observations. The clinical supervisor completes 7 observations overall, and uses the O&C for every observation other than the midterm and final observation

Clinical Competency Inventory: This evaluation tool is used only for Clinical Interns and in-service teachers in their culminating Clinical Practice 2 semester. University supervisors and cooperating teachers (or mentors for in-service teachers) complete this evaluation at the midterm and final observations during Clinical Practice 2. Generally, that will occur at the fourth and seventh observations, respectively. Clinical interns must earn a final score of 3 or higher on the final CCI in order to be recommended for certification.

Please note that these forms are offered for review only. They must be completed within the online evaluation system. Information will be sent to Clinical Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers or Mentors via email during the semester. If the link was not received, please contact the Office of Clinical Experiences and Applied Research at (973) 761-9347 or email cehsfieldoffice@shu.edu.

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