Clinical Placement Alert

Clinical Placement Alert Form

If a clinical intern displays behaviors or performances that suggest she/he is struggling, a cooperating teacher and/or clinical supervisor can submit a Clinical Placement Alert Form. Any submission of a Clinical Placement Alert Form must be preceded by conversations between the cooperating teacher, clinical supervisor and teacher candidate.

It is important to note that a Clinical Placement Alert Form should be submitted as soon as there is a concern the cooperating teacher or clinical supervisor feels needs to be addressed.  However, the cooperating teacher and supervisor should have already discussed the concerns with the teacher candidate. It is in the teacher candidate’s best interest to have as much time as possible to address any concerns or work toward improvement.

The Clinical Placement Alert Form is submitted electronically using an online survey tool.  The Clinical Placement Alert Form can be found on the Office website at 12 is a sample of the Clinical Placement Alert Form.

The Clinical Placement Alert Form is sent to the Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences & Applied Research.  Once received and reviewed, the director will work with the cooperating teacher, supervisor, faculty adviser, teacher candidate and other appropriate individuals to develop an intervention and support plan for the teacher candidate.

In the event this support plan is not enough, the College has established a Retention Committee.

Link to Qualtrics Survey

Link to sample Clinical Placement Alert Form

Retention Committee

CEHS has established a Retention Committee comprised of faculty from the teacher preparation programs as well as from Arts and Sciences, a representative from the Office of Disability Support, and counseling services. The goal of the Retention Committee is to provide support and intervention for candidates who might be struggling in their classes or their field placements due to academic and/or dispositional issues. Candidates displaying a consistent pattern of difficulty across courses and/or field settings would be asked to meet with the Retention Committee to establish a plan for change with specific benchmarks and a contact person to make sure they are provided with the information they need to progress. Only after efforts to remediate a behavior have occurred and no change has taken place would the committee discuss dismissal options from the College.

This committee meets separately and with the teacher candidate to discuss the issues or concerns that are raised regarding a particular candidate and to make decisions as to the remediation and retention or dismissal of a teacher candidate from his or her program.

If a Retention Committee needs to be formed the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will coordinate the action.

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