Cooperating Teacher

Cooperating Teacher,

Thank you for agreeing to mentor one of our teacher candidates this semester.  Following is an overview of where to find some important information regarding your role and responsibilities this semester, along with helpful links and resources as they pertain to the teacher candidates.


As part of your responsibilities as a cooperating teacher you will need to complete one or both of two online trainings and complete the associated assessment depending on whether or not you are a cooperating teacher of a clinical intern or a pre-clinical intern.

A cooperating teacher of a pre-clinical intern during clinical experience needs to complete the Observation & Conference report (O&C) training and assessment.

A cooperating teacher of a clinical intern completing clinical practice needs to complete the Observation and Conference Report (O&C) training and assessment and the Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI) training and assessment.


You will want to bookmark or save a link to this page so it is easily accessible throughout the semester. The following posts contain helpful information in guiding your experience with our teacher candidate this semester.

Please provide your clinical intern with your email address and the best way to contact you (if by phone, be sure to provide the extension, if necessary).
Obtain the contact information of the SHU Clinical Supervisor assigned to your candidate should you have any questions or concerns.


As a cooperating teacher of a pre-clinical intern, you are required to complete one Observation & Conference (O&C) evaluation  near the completion of the intern’s 60 hours in your classroom.  You will receive an email with a link to complete the evaluation online. Please see the Calendar for the exact due date. The cooperating teacher and clinical supervisor are to complete the O&C observation and evaluation based on the same lesson.

Teacher candidates in a clinical experience internship are only required to be formally observed and evaluated one time by the cooperating teacher and university supervisor. In some instances, additional evaluations may be required or necessary.

As a cooperating teacher of a clinical intern, you are required to complete two O&C evaluations, similar to a clinical supervisor, during the first semester of clinical practice (CP 1). In the second semester (CP 2), you are required to complete two CCI evaluations at the midterm and final points of the semester.   You will receive an email with a link to complete the evaluations online. Please see the Calendar for the exact due dates. The cooperating teacher and clinical supervisor are to complete the CCI observations and evaluations based on the same lessons.

Time should be allotted for the cooperating teacher, clinical supervisor and teacher candidate to discuss and review the lessons and the CCI evaluations.

Please note, in addition to the CCI midterm and final, a clinical intern (CP 2) completing their clinical practice will be observed five additional times (for a total of 7 observations) and evaluated using the O&C evaluation by their clinical supervisor.


Every teacher candidate is required to submit a time sheet to the Office of Clinical Experiences. As the cooperating teacher, you are asked to sign off/verify these time sheets for our teacher candidates. The teacher candidate is responsible for handing in approved time sheets on time. Due dates for all time sheet submissions are posted on the Calendar.
During each clinical experience, pre-clinical interns are required to hand in a Clinical Experience Timesheet at the midpoint AND at the completion of the experience.  Each clinical experience requires a minimum of 60 hours in the field. (Some exceptions are made to the 60 hour requirement due to transfer credits and/or course requirements.)

Clinical Interns in their Clinical Practice 1 semester are required to hand in a midterm and final time sheet and must complete 210 hours. Clinical Interns completing Clinical Practice 2 are only responsible for handing in an approved final Clinical Practice Time sheet. Clinical Interns completing Clinical Practice 2 are required to be in the field five days a week for a minimum of 15 weeks.


We strive to develop the most knowledgeable and skilled teacher candidates possible. In some instances, when our teacher candidates are placed in your classroom setting, he/she may encounter significant areas of improvement that still need to be developed. You are encouraged to discuss any such area with the teacher candidate’s clinical supervisor.  You should first provide feedback to the teacher candidate directly. Any area of significant concern or requiring immediate intervention the teacher candidate is not addressing or show improvement in should be submitted using the Clinical Placement Alert Form.


In 2014, the NJDOE updated state regulations to include a new performance assessment requirement for all teacher candidates seeking NJ state teaching licensure.  We’ve provided an overview of edTPA and its impact on a teacher candidate’s clinical experiences and your classroom. More information can be found at the following link, Performance Assessment for Teacher Certification, provided by the NJDOE


There are two forms to complete in order to receive payment of your honorarium for mentoring a clinical intern during their clinical practice. In addition, to submitting the forms, you also must complete the CCI training, submit the clinical intern’s midterm and final evaluation and sign off on their time sheet.  Details and appropriate links can be found at the Honorarium Requirements  page.

Cooperating Teacher and Supervisor Evaluations of each other

As part of the evaluation process,  we developed evaluations for the cooperating teachers to provide feedback on clinical supervisors and for clinical supervisors to provide feedback on cooperating teachers. The data from those evaluations can be found at Data from cooperating teacher and supervisor evaluations of each other .


Office of Clinical Experiences & Applied Research
Jubilee Hall Room 423
P: 973-761-9347
F: 973-761-7642

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this placement, please do not hesitate to email me directly at, by phone at (973) 275-2010 or through I appreciate the responsibility you have accepted in mentoring our teacher candidate. My job is to support you during this experience. Thank you again for your willingness to help us prepare the next generation of teachers.


Karen Grove
Office of Clinical Experiences and Applied Research
College of Education & Human Services, Seton Hall University
Phone: (973) 275-2010

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