Reflections for spring by our guest blogger and member of our advisory committee, Regina DePrima.

Well, Ladies…looks like Spring has sprung!

This long awaited time of year always fills my mind and heart with sweet childhood memories.  I grew up on the city streets of Brooklyn where being outside during this time of the year was always a daily adventure as we passed the Candy Store, the Pizza Place, the Butcher and the Corner Bar.  These were the landmarks that paved the way to our school and our church.    Our backyards were small, grassy havens that separated the brownstone homes which were lined up one against the other, where endless rows of clean clothes hung on the lines that stretched from the windows across the yards.   Even in the city, buds burst forth on the trees that lined the pavement blocks of cement, and we knew that Spring was in the air as windows flung open and the sound of children at play drowned out the cars passing by.  Jump ropes hit the ground and cries of “Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3” always brought boys and girls together. Throwing the pink Spaulding ball against the front stoop was a favorite pastime.  The only interruption that brought play time to a halt was when one Mom after another shouted, “Dinner’s ready!”

Spring meant that Easter was just around the corner.  It was always a time of great preparation.  In a house of all girls (except for Dad) our biggest treat of the year was shopping for Easter hats, smocked dresses, patent leather shoes and little white gloves.  We would wake up on Easter Sunday to find woven straw baskets filled with jelly beans, a chocolate bunny and on that rare occasion, real live chicks… to remind us that Jesus had risen.  We searched for the brightly colored eggs that were hidden on window sills, under the sofa or behind the curtains.   And after Mass, we couldn’t wait for our Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Friends to arrive.  We all gathered around my grandparents’ table.  The children often sat in the kitchen and were more than happy to be together giggling, singing, telling stories and just being kids.  There were no cell phones, video games or TV shows that vied for our attention.  As I look back on those family times, I am certain that our Love was the glue that always turned Holidays into Holy Days.

Life, for most, may not be as simple as the childhood memories I hold in my heart.  It’s true that times have changed in so many ways.  But the Good News is that the Legacy of Love will always remain.   We can look back at our family traditions or times in our lives that still bring us Joy just thinking about them.  We can share them with our children and our grandchildren and give them a peek into our past.

What do you remember about your childhood days that bring joy to your heart?

Are there family traditions you hold on to… new ones you’ve added?

Please share with us by posting a comment.

3 Thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!”

  • This is a lovely reflection, Regina – I also recall the excitement of new dresses, shoes, and sometimes little white hats at Easter. Interestingly – reading Aurea’s post, I also grew up in Puerto Rico and even though there wasn’t a real ‘Spring’, since it was green and floral year round, we celebrated it with gusto (at Christmas in San Juan, we also had Santa Claus but were happy to have the bonus of a Three Kings Day with presents!). My mother was skilled with her Singer sewing machine and she made my sister and I our dresses (my brother got a suit from Sears). It was a different time, indeed, and much simpler, but my husband and I always made Easter special for our children, who are now grown. This Easter, we got to bring a basket to our first grandchild, who is now one. We both look forward to sharing with her the reason for the season – at Easter, and Christmas – and we realize the chaotic commercialism of both in our culture makes this no small challenge. I’d welcome any suggestions from more experienced grandparents here!

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that now I’m living in the USA and I celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus in it with my kids. And I pacing the tradition of the three Kings as well . Yes, things are changed and for sure I miss those longs Christmas. ?

  • Born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. And the thing that brings more joy is Christmas time. I know you article is in Spring. But Christmas was amazing beautiful and Happy when I was a child. For Puertorricans Christmas start in Thanksgiving sometimes before that and finish with the octavitas. Christmas day the 25 of December, I remember there wasn’t a Santa Claus but I didn’t miss him because it wasn’t our tradition. What I remember was that our family wake up early to go to mass to celebrate the born of our Savior Jesuschrist, I remember the beautiful and happy songs, I remember the beautiful Nativity scene that the church decorated and me and my sisters love to admire every single detail of it. After church our family, all living in abuela’s house ; get ready for the big party where families and friends get together all day long with a big yummy dinner (arroz con gandules, a whole pig cooked in the barista, pastels and all the desserts). The children all day long playing outside all kinds of games,laughing as the adults prepare the dinner and dance with Spanish Christmas songs. January 5 the vispera of the Three Kings or Wise men we repeat the fiesta(party) againg with the different that the kids were super excited for the present that the three Kings will bring that night . So, my sister and me runs with excitement to our grandpa for him to cut the grass that the camels will eat that night as the three kings bring the presents. ?? Oh! I love the beautiful Christmas light…I still do. Obviously January 6, my sister and I wake up super,super early to open the presents. Then the next days for alot of people will be fill with Christmas songs food,party and lots of good memories with families and friends.

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