You might have noticed already, but last week we upgraded to the latest version of our blogging platform. There are a few changes, most of them cosmetic.

The dashboard uses a new, more modern font. Plus, you can now customize your colors. No more of the boring shades-of-blue or shades-of-grey styles. Go into your Users::Your Profile menu and try a few out.

I’ve been a fan of the WordPress app for Android, but the new administrative theme is responsive, and largely makes the app pretty much superfluous.

It’s a bit easier now to manage and select themes, with the Theme Details panel right up front. And adding widgets is much easier — no more drag-scrolling beyond the page margins to get the one you want.

One downside is these new fonts take longer to render, so if you have a lot of blogs under your Multisite Switcher or My Blogs menus, they all have to render before the page is ready to go. The reason why is a little technical, but it has to do with the number of nodes in the DOM. When I, as the administrator, look at the page there are something like 18,000 nodes to be dealt with. But on an individual site there’s a small fraction of that many so it may not even be noticeable.

The new default theme, Twenty Fourteen, is a beautiful magazine-style theme. It has a few flaws, which we’ll try to fix, but on the whole it’s pretty impressive. After maybe 20 minutes putting together a banner and a couple of menus, I had this:


Behind the scenes there are various security fixes and optimizations.

Our mobile plugin, WPTouch Pro, is activated automatically on all your blogs. They too have introduced a new theme, Bauhaus. It’s much like the others, but it offers the chance to do circular featured images, which can be kind of cool. If you don’t see it, go into the WPTouch Pro::Themes and Extensions panel and click “download.” While you’re at it, switch over to the extensions part and install and activate the Responsive Images plugin. This will deliver optimized (smaller, and faster) images to devices with smaller screens.