WordPress 3.5 is scheduled to be released tomorrow, and while we won’t be updating it immediately — we usually wait until a 3.5.1 release to be sure the kinks are worked out — we have picked up this year’s new default theme, twentytwelve.

To see twentytwelve in action, visit the Badges blog. But one nice feature right off is the “responsive” design. It adjusts and shapes itself to fit whatever kind of device you’re looking at it with. For example, full screen it looks like this: (by the way, the best way to see these transformations is to click on the first image, then use the blue directional arrows at the bottom of the frame to move through them.)

Narrow the screen down and things start to change:

Even more changes:

Until you finally get to a single column:
As you narrow down, the header image begins to shrink. The navigation wraps. The text wraps. Until finally the sidebar column drops beneath the blog posts, and the Menu becomes a single clickable button in the top center of the page. Notice how the header image smoothly scales so that the whole thing is always visible. When you click on the Menu button, the choices pop up, neatly arranged. When a user pulls it up on a cell phone or tablet, it automatically picks the right kind of view.

Twenty Twelve will be the default theme for new blogs created from now until Twenty Thirteen is released, perhaps in December 2013.