The End Of Twitter

That’s probably an overstatement. But this June 11, Twitter is going to be retiring their current API and replacing it with the new version. What does this mean to you?

The process so far has been pretty simple. Load up your widget, point it at a feed, and you’re good to go. But now it’s going to be complicated, because every account/feed needs to be set up with account API authorizations and secret keys.

You can do all of this from within WordPress once you activate the Twitter Widget Pro plugin. a good step-by-step guide to configuring it is here. You’ll do it from the Settings::Twitter Widget page, and you’ll need the logon and password for the feed you want to use. Then you can grab the Twitter Widget Pro widget from the Appearance::Widgets page, and drag it to where you want it — and remove whatever old one you’ve been using.

It looks something like this:

Or, you can use the “Really Simple Twitter Widget” plugin. You’ll still need account authorizations, consumer keys, secret keys, access tokens and secret access tokens (seriously, this is how Twitter has set it up), but you configure it from within the widget screen itself.

This one looks like this:

Though it may look different in your theme.

If you’re using “Twitter Goodies,” it looks like it’s been discontinued. There’s been no update in over two years, and the domain name they were using for support is for sale. Twitter Tools is purported to be compatible with the new API, but I see no place where you’d configure it properly, so don’t count on it.

Whichever solution you choose, you’re going to need to go through the whole authorization process. Be sure to copy your API keys (there should be four of them) in a safe place. They’re long, cryptic, and you’ll never remember them.

We can help you do this, but we recommend you try it yourself because we really don’t want you to give us your Twitter passwords!

4 comments to The End Of Twitter

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  • I agree with Techbate, it is quite complex and boring to manage several new “keys” for the new API. What if they change their API in every year? Then website owners and webmasters should follow the changes or they will need to hire somebody who is faimilar in the changes. Just to prevent error messages like “Error fetching latest tweets”.

    – Ronald

  • Well written article, thanks Tom!
    Using the WordPress plugins are pretty straightforward.

  • After numerous times site being hacked, it goes with out saying twitter had to work on improving security and the fact that they are working on new API is a strong step forward though it increases the complexity of the setting up the account on a longer run it should do good to twitter and folks associated with it.

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