Four New Themes

Do you want to customize your blog? Really customize it? Four freshly installed themes give you more control than you ever dreamed of.

They all offer menus, custom layouts and/or colors, widgets, multi-columns, color schemes; and each has its own special tweaks – icons, sliders, fonts, mobile versions. The possibilities to make your blog unique will grow exponentially.

Some details on what they offer…


  • Custom header image
  • Custom header height
  • Background image or background color
  • 3 menus: top, main and footer
  • 8 widget areas: 2 each in 2 sidebars; four in the footer
  • 1,2 or 3 columns in 6 different layouts
  • Customizable column widths
  • “Presentation” front page with multiple columns and sliders
  • Customizable font (for text, headers, sidebars, subheads) faces, colors, sizes, indents, alignment, letter- and word-spacing, shadows, line heights
  • Customizable borders, icons
  • Options to display titles, tables, text elements, post information (dates, authors, etc.)
  • Post excerpt lengths
  • Featured images, thumbnails
  • 5 different social media links, with custom placement
  • Custom CSS if it comes to that.

Weaver II

  • Looks a lot like 2010
  • Custom header image, rotation
  • Custom background image or background color
  • Primary and secondary menus; mobile-specific menu
  • 16(!) widget areas, site-wide, page-specific, blog-specific, headers, footers, archive pages, mobile views.
  • 28 child themes – different color schemes and header images. They can then be tweaked to customize:
    • Text colors
    • Backgrounds
    • Rounded corners
    • Borders
    • Custom CSS
    • Width
    • 1,2 or 3 columns, 8 options. Can specify different layouts for home, pages, posts, archives
    • Fonts and sizes
    • Widget colors, margins, borders
    • Header font sizes, colors, image size
    • “Shortcodes” that let you embed iFrames, show things only to logged-in users, VIMEO embeds, breadcrumbs


  • Custom header images, rotating selection
  • Background image or background color
  • 3 menus: top, main and footer
  • 2 sidebar and one footer widget areas, with the option to add more.
  • Twitter widget
  • Customizable “slider” of home page posts
  • Twitter & Facebook buttons
  • Sharing
  • Header display options (light, dark, random image, disable image)
  • 1, 2 or 3 columns in 6 different layouts
  • Customizable column widths
  • Detailed post and meta display options
  • Customize all colors and gradients, including buttons and widgets
  • And if all else fails, custom CSS can be embedded.


  • 18 color scheme selections — 9 dark and 9 light
  • Custom header images including tiling and position
  • Rotating header image
  • Custom background image or color, including gradients, and height.
  • 6 icon sets
  • Extensive control of navigation bars’ colors, fonts, shadows, transparency, borders, alignment
  • 2 menus, top and main
  • 34 widget areas. They can be placed just about anywhere.
  • 1, 2 or 3 column layouts, with fluid widths. Different setups can be applied to pages, archives, authors, search results, front page etc.
  • Very granular font faces and colors control. Drop caps.
  • Custom CSS and javascript
  • Custom RSS and Atom feeds.
  • Show full posts, excerpts, titles, mosaic, tiles on home or archive pages
  • Custom 404 page, sitemap.

Any one of these offers a staggering variety of options.

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