The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a national program designed to provide trained volunteers that can serve as first responders during a disaster when traditional emergency response (police, fire, EMS) is delayed. CERT personnel can also assist the traditional responders. CERT skills are also useful for family disaster preparedness. SHU has a body of CERT volunteers consisting of staff, students, and faculty.

Completion of the CERT Basic Training Course consisting of 20 hours of instruction (four 5 hour sessions) would be required for earning the badge. If you’ve taken the certification in the past, you should be getting a notification soon. If you take it in the future, we’ll credit you automatically when you’ve finished the training.

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  1. Emily Goligoski


    I hope this finds you doing well. We have been talking with a team at Philadelphia University about their interest in issuing Open Badges, and they wondered if they might be able to learn more about Seton Hall’s process and recommendations. Would you mind if I connected you with them? Thanks in advance.


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    Mozilla Foundation

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