Faculty Spotlight: Kirstin Schultz

by Brenden Higashi

Kirsten Schultz, assistant professor of History, was awarded a prestigious 2011 American Council of Leaned Societies Fellowship to conduct research on the eighteenth-century Portuguese Empire in the Americas. Schultz will use the fellowship research for her upcoming book, entitled From Conquests to Colonies: Authority, Knowledge and Difference in the Luso-Brazilian Empire, ca. 1700-1800.

Schultz is a historian specializing in the histories of Brazil and the Portuguese Empire. She teaches courses in Latin American History for Seton Hall’s Department of History and the Latin American and Latino/Latina Studies Program.

Schultz said she plans to use her ACLS Fellowship to research and assess “the changing understandings of governance and the governed, focusing on elite debates about the status of non-European peoples in Brazil during a period of imperial crisis and reform,” using print culture, society and culture in the eighteenth-century Portuguese Empire in the Americas.

By examining the influences of religious and secular ideas on the universality of humanity in the context of cultural, social and economic hierarchies on the imperial administrative practices of the era, Schultz book, From Conquests to Colonies, will contribute to the humanistic and social scientific scholarship on legacies of imperial rule and its impact on the modern conceptualizations of sovereignty and political agency.

The ACLS, the organization funding Schultz’s research, is a nonprofit federation of over 70 national scholarly organizations which, according to the organization’s website, “is the preeminent representative of American scholarship in the humanities and related social sciences.” The ACLS exists to promote the advancement of humanistic studies in all fields of learning, particularly within the humanities and social sciences and to maintain and strengthen the relations among the numerous national societies devoted to the humanistic studies.

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