Arts and Sciences Students Win Business School Entrepreneurship Competition

PR Express team members Megan Kelly, Ana Martinez and Adriana Giri win First Prize and Audience Choice at The Stillman School's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Pirate's Pitch Competition.

Two Seton Hall Journalism and Public Relations Majors, Megan Kelly and Ana Martinez, along with their Union County College partner, Adriana Gini, won the 2012 Pirate’s Pitch Program held by the Stillman School of Business’ Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Kelly, Martinez and Gini run a business, PR Express, and seek to turn it into a web-based company that will make public relations services more available and accessible to small businesses. PR Express won the first place, $3,500 judge’s prize, as well as legal and accounting assistance, to help grow their business and launch it’s online services. PR Express also won a $250 audience’s favorite award.

The Pirate’s Pitch Competition is a four-month-long competition sponsored by the Stillman School’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and begins an initial proposal for a small business. Judges then select 10 semi-finalists to present their business models to the panel judges in person. 5 finalists are chosen to present their ideas in front of judges and an audience.

Political Science Professor has Op-Ed Published by ‘The Hill’

Assistant Professor of Political Science Heath Brown had his Op-Ed on the virtues of planning presidential transitions early published by The Hill. The Hill is a Washington, D.C. newspaper publication covering the United States Congress, with a special focus on lobbying, campaigns and other Capitol Hill News.

To read Dr. Brown’s Op-Ed, click the following link:

The virtues of planning a transition early.

Arts and Sciences announces revival of the Computer Science Program

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is pleased to announce the revival of its BS degree program in Computer Science. The program has been updated with emphasis on topics of modern interest, team projects, and preparation for both careers and graduate education. The program already has a good record of undergraduate research, with articles appearing in recognized conferences and journals. The Department has always had a strong commitment to academic advising and faculty-student interaction; we have now added both an advisory council of industry, academic and alumni representatives to assist in changing for the future, and a mentoring program in which each undergraduate major will be assigned a program graduate with whom they can interact.

Our graduates, who have 100% success in finding jobs (or graduate school admission, if they prefer), have gone into a variety of fields—not just in technical fields like software development and in business, but also in areas as diverse as cognitive science and law school. Please visit this site for a more complete description of the opportunities in the field, and a more extensive picture of our program, our faculty and our alumni.