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Traveling to and from the Grand Summit Hotel

The Grand Summit Hotel is located at 570 Springfield Avenue, Summit, New Jersey

Air travelers:

Travelers flying into Newark Liberty International Airport can reserve the hotel’s shuttle to pick them up and/or bring them to the airport. The shuttle costs $35 each way and advance reservations are required. If you make your reservations prior to flying, the hotel will track your flight for pickup. For assistance with shuttle arrangements or to schedule a shuttle pick-up from Newark Liberty International Airport, please email the hotel at Regular operating times are between 9:00am-3:00pm, 6:00pm- 9:30pm Monday through Friday. The Shuttle does not run on Saturday and Sunday. Please allow for a 20 minute grace period and call the hotel at 908-273-3000 to alert hotel of any flight changes on day of arrival. After 10:00 pm, a cab can be arranged at an approximate cost of $65. Groups may fax shuttle arrangements to 908-273-4228 and follow up for confirmation.

LaGuardia Airport and Kennedy Airport are in New York City and much further away from Summit, NJ where the conference will be held. Technically, travelers can take a taxi from one of these airports to Summit, NJ but the trip will last well over an hour and the cost will be astronomical. Instead, travelers may wish to take a taxi, a shuttle bus, or mass transit to Pennsylvania Station in midtown Manhattan and from there take New Jersey Transit’s Midtown Direct train to Summit, NJ.

Rail travelers:

Travelers arriving in Summit by train can arrange for pickup or dropoff by the Grand Summit Hotel’s shuttle (see above). The station is also about fifteen minutes walking from the Hotel. The NJ Transit schedule can be found here.


If you are driving to the Grand Summit Hotel, there is parking in the hotel’s lot. Guests staying at the hotel will be charged $9.75 per day to park. Day visitors are not charged to park in the lot.